FBI Apostille Reports In Santa Clara County

FingerScan Digital offers FBI Apostille Report services both in-office and mobile for your convenience.

FBI Apostille

How We Offer FBI Apostille Reports

FBI Apostille Services

Our company records your fingerprints on a live scan device and sends them electronically to the FBI using an authorized FBI channeler. Once those fingerprints are received by the FBI, they conduct the background check and we make sure you get the apostille version of the report. Apostille reports for FBI background checks are sent via email and tamper-proof copy right to your door.

FBI Apostille Information

What is a Certified Apostille Agent?

A Certified Apostille Agent is a person trained and certified by the Apostille Agent Training Company who bears the Certified Apostille Agent service mark and is qualified to act on behalf of individuals and/or companies in the correct preparation and sequencing steps to obtain the required government and/or embassy and consulate legalization(s) for documents originating in the U.S that are destined to be presented in foreign countries. The Certified Apostille Agent is a private and independent business person, not a government employee.


  • S. students studying abroad
  • Foreign students studying in the U.S
  • Companies conducting international trade
  • Persons needing legalization of U.S Vital Statistic documents such as U.S. birth certificates etc.. for use in a foreign country
  • Individuals need to present a personal Power of Attorney or legal doc in a foreign country.
  • S citizens or residents getting married or seeking employment in a foreign country.
  • Graduates utilizing their U.S degrees abroad.
  • Persons who are seeking dual citizenship