Fingerprinting and Background Checks

Bay Area Live Scan provides fingerprinting and background check services in California

What We Do

Fingerprinting and background checks for the Bay Area of California.

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California Services

California has many fingerprinting services. to make the process easier, we have a pdf attached below that shows all associated California state fees.

If you have a request for live scan form, please make sure it's filled out before your appointment.

The Appointment Process

Choose a service and date / time

Book and pay your fee

Visit us and get fingerprinted!

We also have mobile fingerprinting available upon request.

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The Fingerprinting Process

How We Do It

Our technicians focus on providing our background checks and fingerprinting services through the use of our electronic live scan devices. We can fingerprint you and use the electronic printing process to either submit them through internet transactions or print them on a card for you to take at the end of your appointment.

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Bay Area Live Scan & More

Our team of experts will help you navigate your fingerprinting and background check needs. Call us or email us!


If you need a mobile fingerprinting appointment then use our mobile inquiry form below.

Mobile fingerprinting form

Elise Wu
Elise Wu
3 months ago
Great service indeed. Timely, efficient and reliable. They saved my flight training timeline, mostly available and can accommodate for changes. I felt so lucky that the fine print service was made available here as the next available slot with IDEMIA is always 2 weeks away and far away in the town
Irina Goldstein
Irina Goldstein
3 months ago
my husband had a first-class experience with this firm. Friendly and helpful staff carefully explained the whole process. And ink print technician was especially expert and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Karl Pututau
Karl Pututau
a month ago
Very friendly and informative. Efficient and quick. I walked in without an appointment and was helped right away!! The entire process was painless and took only 10-15 minutes from the time I got in to the time I left.


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